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You know what, you should try and post this over at Afterellen.

The reason for the speechlessness is rooted in gratuitous exploitation is there any other kind of exploitation? JavaScript is required to view this site. Jordi el nino polla milf. And it's syndicated so it depends on where you live. D Funny you should mention Voyager, currently rewatching it in part because of the subtext. Legend of the seeker lesbian scene. Regan is popular with the comic book community, and, from towas commonly selected among comic book fans and critics as their ideal choice to portray Wonder Woman.

As always the hero saves the day and this time also saves the two temporary damsels in distress. The following post will include adult language, fictional lesbians, subtextual porn and LOTS spoilers up to episode 2x An extremely painful and anguishing death. So how come the femslash is so luminescent that it outshines the canon? The dark secret they wish they could turn their backs on, yet They travel together, fight together, egg each other on about their love lives Retrieved November 11, What ensues is…well fight!

You can often find her snarking and eyerolling when the gang insists on lending a hand to -- and I quote -- "helpless children or distressed farm animals. Sharing an intimate touch would literally mean the death of Cara.

That's actually a great idea. And it doesn't take long for her to needle her way under Kahlan's skin, and the way she repeatedly looks at the Confessor can best be described as hungry. Yeah, if the overt hetero-canon hadn't been there this would have been a relationship. Sexy naked lesbian asians. That was not the case. Cara's weapon of choice is an agiel, which is basically a magical leather phallus that delivers intense pain on contact -- even if you're just holding it.

But that will in no way diminish the entertainment value or depth of the subtext, rather the opposite. I was delirious from the lack of air. Log in No account? But if you remove reality and look at it from the inside of the verse, it is just as forbidden and impossible. Retrieved June 4, That complete awareness of each other.

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She portrayed Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnellwhich earned her a cult following.

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She's a hero, honest. Pornhub brunette milf. And it's such a lovely contrast to the het-canon as well. I think I kind of love you for writing this. Kahlan then wraps Cara up in an awkward hug.

What really happened between the few and way too short scenes we got to witness? Definitely looking forward to where they will be taking these two, and after having watched Desecrated I'm now wondering if they could possibly top that in terms of overt subtext without seriously trampling all over canon. I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far, how about you? Kahlan being a hero, she only uses her power to make enemies surrender and give up information.

Another bonus of blood rage: LOTS is all about fanservice for everyone -- the male characters take off their shirts and get erotically tortured all the timeso the blatant objectification goes both ways. Yeah, it really meant a lot to me. I guess I just prefer to read their story as one of tragic and impossible love instead of making it so much more complex by adding the elements of true friendship. Oct 1 But after Ralst posted a few clips from season two My jaw literally dropped the first time I watch this scene, I mean are we allowed to be this exploitative on television?

And what exactly did Cara refer to in her final words? Kahlan is famous for two things. Hopefully we should, there's really not that many fantasy shows on air, they need at least one to contrast with all the crime dramas. Sexy latina dancing nude. Legend of the seeker lesbian scene. Between all the grunting, open handed slapping and grappling you suddenly become sexually frustrated on the behalf of these two characters. One scene can easily be subtextually interpreted to mean whatever you want it to mean. I love smart, insightful people dishing on femslash!

Of course you do. The mysticism and exposition is repeated, so it's not exactly Lost complexity you need to keep up with. Swooshy hair, lots of pointy objects, and only her morals holding her back from commanding an entire army of living zombies. And the many different sisterhoods devoted to various male leaders. Like how there is a thin line between love and hatred, there is an equally frail thread separating pain from pleasure. Blanca suárez nude. Filter by post type All posts. We see Cara watching Kahlan very closely and then it's almost as if she tries to copy her, to please Kahlan by acting in a way that she thought she would approve of based on her observations.

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